Publisher's turnkey solution for audio conversion
and monetization

One line of code instantly converts any written content into audio and packages it for distribution on web, mobile and home assistants.

Performance based model: create a new revenue stream on your existing content, risk-free.

“We’ve long been interested in providing audio versions of our stories but have found that existing text-to-speech solutions are not cost-effective for the speech quality they offer. With the arrival of Amazon Polly and its high-quality voices, we look forward to offering readers more rich and versatile ways to experience our content.”

Joseph Price, Senior Product Manager - Washington Post


Admin Dashboard

We handle programmatic monetization and provide detailed insight on your audience.

DSP Integrations


Multi-channel distribution

Distribute your audio content where your listeners already are - Web, Mobile, Home Assistants.


Aloud widget

Embed the web player with one line of code and get started today!